Ways to glam up your nails in 2020!

Your wedding day is your moment to shine, and every single detail is another opportunity to show your personality and style. People often forget how the smallest details are important because the hands often get featured in photographs. From ring exchange, to cake cutting and even your speech! So we have some wedding nail ideas for every bride! If you're not 100% sure which design, why not have a nail trial? See if the design goes well with your dress and of course your ring! Because just like hair and makeup, nail trials are a thing too!

One colour tone

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Photo credit: Della Donna Magazine

Go with your favourite colour or a gradient. This is a timeless and elegant look. You'll never go wrong with this one! (Try to keep it light coloured or neutral)

A touch of sparkle

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Adding a touch of sparkle adds texture and gives the look a little more fun!

Lace inspired

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Lace makes everything more feminine. If you're opting for that vintage look, this is one good option to go for, you can fill it up or keep it sparse - entirely up to you!

Pearls for life

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Pearls never run out of style, it's always appropriate. If you are going for a more classic style but still want to give it a creative twist, pearls could be a lovely little detail to your nail art.

Marbled Nails

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Marbled nails give this sense of luxury vibe and a feminine style, this is definitely inherently chic for any bride who wants to make a statement!

Unicorn Nails

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Shine bright like a unicorn with these stunning iridescent nails! Whether you go for a white colour, pale pink or lavender tone, this gorgeous style will make you look like the one-of-a-kind beauty you are.

Floral Inspired

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Who doesn't love florals, especially when it's on the nails? It's an unique hand painted work of art. Show it off on your wedding day!

French with a twist

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To avoid being boring, the classic french manicure gets a makeover!

Small Embellishments

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Keeping it simple yet playful with a meaningful touch to it.