Professional skincare tips: 3 changes for glowy skin during epidemic

We are all live though hot Summers in Hong Kong, the intense sunlight, significant temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. As we all know, the humidity poses great challenges to the skin. Not to mention, we are in the middle of this epidemic - it is necessary for us to wear face masks for a long time. It is not uncommon that many of us have found the condition of our skin to deteriorated significantly, be it acne or sensitive breakouts.

Wedfolks invited Coral Chu, a well known bridal makeup artist from White Studios, to share her skincare experience and tips during this epidemic. Just to adjust their daily skincare routine can greatly improve their skin conditions caused by wearing a mask.


Skincare products should be light and refreshing

Coral has been in this makeup world for almost ten years and realized that many ladies in Hong Kong have excessive skin care routines, believing that more is better. Just imagine the gooey skin after applying all the products, not forgetting the insane humidity we have here! It is a paradise for bacteria, which explains why acne appears! Therefore, during a time like this, she recommend using a light and refreshing toner, something water based that does not make the skin feel tight. You can

Make-up under masked days

As mentioned in the previously, the temperature and humidity of skin under the mask is relatively high. The mask often rubs against skin while we talk or move. If you add heavy cosmetics under, it would take a toll on the skin. If possible, try not to apply makeup on the lower half of the face. If you need a complete makeup look, pick out a light tinted moisturizer plus loose powder as a base makeup for dry to normal skin. If you have oily skin, you can opt for the two way cake. That should be able to last you for awhile. For blusher, you can use a creamy one before setting makeup, and add on with a powdery one after the makeup sets - this way you can easily achieve a glowing effect with sufficient hold. For lip makeup, it is recommended to use a lip tint or liquid lipstick. Something that would completely dry out so you do not have to worry about staining the mask or awkward smudges.

Choose your masks wisely

By now masks has become a daily necessity, we know that there are many types of masks available in the market. You might think they are all about the same, but there are actually a few things to consider - from material to fitting to thickness. A doctor friend shared that she could not use a certain brand of masks because the inner layer of the mask had oil-absorbing layer. The original intention was to keep the mask dry, but it made her skin dry and started to peel. Before you buy a mask, make sure it fits your routine and activity. After all, it takes a few tries to find the perfect mask!

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