A timeless indoor shoot with a touch of greenery

近年愈來愈多新人傾向簡約風格的室內婚照拍攝,不少新人在籌劃婚照的時候,都會遇過一個問題:如何令婚照永不過時,但又不失沉悶。今天帶給大家一個室內婚照的好主意,Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab 利用不同的常綠植物,在室內建起一座綠牆。桌上放上了以金色做主調的餐桌用具,新人的名字由November Letters 親手寫上綠葉上 Moonbird Production鏡下的新人恬靜幸福,相片色調和階,令人百看不厭。 Styling and Publisher: Wedfolks |Photography: Moodbird Production | Videography: HW Motion story | Gown and Suit: Infini Love Bridal | Makeup: Joman Wedding

Florist and Decoration: Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab | Calligraphy: November Letters

Cake : Vive cake boutique | Ribbons: Dahliahues | Model: Kelly Chan Yeuk Lam & Sean lee 李文星