Bespoke wedding cake for your special day - how to pick out the perfect cake

We have put together an exclusive list of wedding cake selection for brides in Hong Kong that should not be missed! One of the most photogenic moments on your wedding day would be the cake cutting part - so your cake will definitely be one of the highlights! In Western ceremonies, the wedding cake means happiness, and also the promise of the two will be shared with all the guests.

Since the cake gets so much attention, we should put a little more thought into it. Selection of THE wedding cake is never easy, therefore, we came up with 6 easy steps for you to consider and 6 cake shops in Hong Kong that would help you create the magic.

準新娘必看的結婚蛋糕挑選哲學|BOW -Artisan Cakery|Wedfolks

Step 1 Think in line with “venue” and “season”

When choosing a wedding cake, the most practical thing you should consider is the venue and the season. If it will be an indoor or outdoor setting? Summer or Winter? This would definitely help narrow down options, you do not want a melted wedding cake in that looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Wedfolks' Pick:BOW -Artisan Cakery

Step 2 What makes an unique wedding colour theme?

To have a well balanced colour theme, you need a combination of flowers. A wise option is to figure out the wedding gown and floral designs first, then it will give you a clearer idea of the overall look. Be it an ivory white wedding, bold and romantic red, classy or a sparkling gold - an unique cake would definitely be a prelude to the wedding.

Wedfolks' Pick:Sugarcoat

Step3 Decide on style and taste, and you’ll find your destined dessert chef

After deciding on the seasonal elements and colour theme. We will move on to looking for your favourite dessert chef that would help create the magic that you want. Each dessert chef have something different to offer, it is important that you communicate well with them to cultivate a good understanding of each other’s needs.

Wedfolks' Pick:Vive Cake Boutique

Step4 Number of guests determines size of cake

You do not need a five tier cake if you have a small wedding with fewer guests. Any how big it should be also matters, after all, you want each and every guest to share a bite of that happiness!

Wedfolks' Pick:The Sweet Spot

Step5 Making a decision- depending on which “budget” suits you best

This is a tough choice for most people. From the cake design, taste, design and which pastry chef - it all boils down to the price. But with the above given steps, we hope to be able to find something without breaking the bank!

Wedfolks' Pick:dear harley

Step6 - Congratulations, the cake you personally picked out will be the happiness that is shared with all your guests

After countless preparations, it will come the day that the both of you will make a lifelong promise together in front of this work of art that you have put together - filled with lots of love. Enjoy every bit of it!

Wedfolks' Pick:FIFTY CAKE