Enchanting Scents And The Elegance of Modern Bride

Incorporating scents into the wedding venue has been a popular option for newly weds these days. Because these scents always brings back memories and creates an atmosphere. Although they are invisible, these scents play a significant role by adding another intimate texture to the wedding - it reveals the personality and style of the newly weds. Wedfolks came together with @Moongladecandle and three dancers to portray the different temperament on scents. With a specially curated team of creatives we had @studioak, @bozz_wedding, @makeyourchoicesss_floralab , @joman_wedding , @circleweddings, @bridalistic_official and @upperhouse_hkg. The dancers embodied the scent and slowly allow it to translate it into something unspoken, something larger than oneself. By using the sensations of the body to portray the aroma and atmosphere of the scene. Let us embark on this imaginative journey together!

現在愈來愈新人在婚禮場地注入香氣,因為香氣總能勾起回憶及營造氣氛。但在婚禮加入香氣的作用和意義不僅僅如此。香氣看似無形,但卻能或多或少別人更了解新人的性格和氣質。 Wedfolks 與Moonglade Candle 共同策劃這次的企劃,為三個不同性格氣質的舞者,專屬特調了切合她們的香氣,再聯同 Studio Oak,BOZZ Wedding,Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab, Joman Wedding, Circle Weddings, Bridalistic 在 The Upper House Hong Kong 進行了一場圍繞香氣的藝術拍攝,透過影像將三種無形的香氣和氛圍展現。拍攝當日,從被風吹起的髮端,到在空氣中劃上優美線條的指尖,再到婚紗裙擺揚起的一瞬間,香氣隨流動而擴散。三位舞者各自置身於Moonglade Candle 特調的香氣中,一呼一吸地用感受並用身體和舞蹈即席展現香氣和現場氛圍帶給她們的感覺。一起進入這場充滿想像的體驗旅程吧!


For Edgy Brides - Woody note, fashionable and avant-garde

Traditionally, women’s scents consisted of flowers and fruits to bring a sweet and romantic fragrance. While men would usually prefer the woody type of fragrance. However, in the modern day and age of independent women, a raising number of fashion forward ladies prefers a gender neutral fragrance. It gives them a distinctive and cutting-edge image. @Moongladecandle specially curated a scent based on amber which gives off a gentle, low key aroma that is calm and effortless to wear! Gowns from Bridalistic shows off one of the most attractive part of a female - the clavicle bone. Not to mention, the gauze sleeves adds a subtle feminine touch for a modern day fashion forward bride.

木本香調 時尚前衞

傳統代表女性的香氣大多利用花果成分,帶來甜美浪漫的氣息,而木本通常被歸於男香。但在自主獨立的時代,不少時尚新娘較喜愛中性形象,予人剛強獨立,别有格調的形象。Moonglade Candle 以沈香琥珀作基調,調出溫和低調的中性香氣讓人更有沉靜感,容易帶出乾淨和剛強的感覺。來自Bridalistic 的婚紗在鎖骨位幾何剪栽配上紗袖,巧妙地呈現時尚女性亦剛亦柔的形象。

Whimsical -Fruity & Dreamy Sweetness

The fruity aroma easily reminisces the vibrant smell of Spring. A luscious smell from fresh fruits and flowers, which also helps to add a touch of vitality and keep you away from the sultry heat. Amongst the vivid hues handpicked by Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab, the dancer was surrounded by the scent of Daffodil, Bergamot, Red Berry and Cinnamon, straight out from a fairy tale story. The dancer is wearing a tulle dream like gown from Circle Weddings as she gracefully jumps right through the garden, spreading the fragrance as she moves.


果香主調 夢幻甜美

以果香為主的氣味,容易讓人聯想到春天充滿生氣的環境,一股來自鮮果及鮮花的香甜氣息,也有助添加活力及掃走悶熱。在Make Your Choicesss Floral lab 打造的繽紛花園中,被Moonglade Candle 以水仙,佛手柑,红莓,肉桂為主調的香氣包圍,就如置身童話中。穿上Circle weddings 婚紗的舞者在花園中穿梭跳躍, 將香氣散遍整個花園。

Elegant- Floral and Sensual Elegance

The feminine aspect of the bride is exquisitely portrayed through elegance and florals by Moonglade Candle’s curated scent which includes White Roses, Jasmine and Blue Bell to bring out a women’s elegance and sensuality. The sensuous charm is slowly revealed as the dancer depicts a confident female beauty.


花香主調 性感優雅

優雅馥郁的花香調,將新娘子女性化的特質完美呈現, Moonglade Candle 以白玫瑰,茉莉花,藍風鈴將女性優雅知性,性感韻味透過香氣逐層逐層帶出。不論是倚在窗旁,還是翩翩起舞, 從髮端到指尖都滲透著自信的女性美。


Publisher & coordinator: Wedfolks

Brain child and scenting: Moongalde Candle

Photography: Studio Oak

Videography: Bozz Wedding

Florist: Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab

MUA: Joman Wedding

Gown for Elegant & Whimsical: Circle Wedding Gown For Edgy : Bridalistic

Venue: Upper House HK