Wedfolks' Top Pick on Hong Kong's Finest Wedding Photographer and Videographer

A picture speaks a thousand words, and that is exactly what it is. We have to agree how important beautiful wedding photography just translates the intimate and precious memory that lasts a lifetime. Get ready to be inspired by the stunning works by the finest in Hong Kong. Let us bring you a curated list of professional, creative photographers and videographers who captures unbelievably stunning snapshots and cinematography. Be inspired and let them take your breath away with they have to offer. We are sure you will be spoiled for choice amongst the diverse styles of photographers! (In random order)

一幅有意義的照片,比起千言萬語更能帶出一對愛侶的故事。而美麗的婚照更能把珍貴及真摯的回憶流傳到永遠。我們明白準新人們都希望找到最適合自己的攝影師,記錄婚禮的每一刻。因此,我們將會為您帶來香港首屈一指的專業攝影師以及他們的作品。您定能在一眾富創意又獨具眼光的攝影師中,尋找到合適自己的一個! (排名不分先後)

History Studio

History Studio brings the best moment out of couples by capturing the natural movement and beauty of people. He has a flair for composing couples against the vast nature backdrop, creating a timeless snapshot that lasts a lifetime.

History Studio 巧妙地記錄準新人們最自然的時刻,帶出人的自然美。不造作的拍攝手法為新人們締造富藝術感及具意義的婚照。


Instagram: @historystudiowedding


Tammy Shun Photography

We love how effortlessly Tammy captures the sweetness of life. Her work portrays a dreamy and feminine touch of timelessness. You will be in awe by how she delivers emotion and aesthetic authenticity.

Tammy 用心紀錄生命每一個甜蜜的時光。她從夢幻化而女性的角度演繹 “永恆” 的意義。看過她的作品後,您將會沈醉於 Tammy 所傳達的意念及情感。


Instagram: @tammyshun


La French Touch Photography

Vincent from La French Touch Photography loves capturing intimate and timeless wedding images using natural light. If you’re opting for something natural and romantic. We are sure he would be a good fit for you!

來自 La French Touch Photography 的 Vincent 鍾情於利用天然而柔和的光線,作為拍攝的襯托。如果您喜愛自然,真實的拍攝感覺,Vincent 可能會是您的首選!


Instagram: @lafrenchtouchphotography


Angel Cheung Photography

Angel loves to capture all the authentic moments and emotions. Natural and light-filled images are her signature. She works closely with couples and bringing out the best in them, unlocking love as well as a connection.

充滿自然氣息及天然光的影像,是 Angel Cheung 的拍攝特色。她喜歡了解每對新人的故事,並透過拍攝演繹他們的浪漫史。


Instagram: @angelcheungphotography


Moonbird Production

Johnny, founder of Moonbird Production, believes Wedding Photography is like a film, and each photo is a scene. The darked-toned photography brings out a vintage and elegant vibe behind every couple’s relationship.

Moonbird Production 的創辦人 Johnny 相信婚禮拍攝猶如拍攝一輯電影,而一幅照片就等於一個場景,獨一無二。他相對沈調的作品為每對新人帶來了懷舊而優雅的氣息。


Instagram: @moonbirdproduction


Steven C Photography

Steven loves documenting wedding day without over staging and capturing unexpected yet precious moments. The warmth and details of his works make you able to feel the essence of love!

Steven 鍾情於紀錄婚禮每個最真實而意想不到的甜蜜時光。他對每個細節的貼心及留意可輕易讓您感受到照片的真摰及故事。


Instagram: @stevencphotography


Jeremy Wong Weddings

Jeremy’s wedding video and photography capture every precious moment in a cinematic and documentary-styled approach. He works well with spontaneity, so you do not have to worry about awkward moments. He brings out the best in couples, just stay in the moment and let him create the magic for you!

Jeremy Wong 善於利用拍攝紀錄片的手法,紀錄每對新人的每一個時光。他能把新人們最好的姿態,以獨特的角度和拍攝手法一一記下。


Instagram: @jeremywongweddings


Jamie Ousby Photography

Jamie is an International Award Winning documentary wedding photographer who loves to capture couples with their family and friends and documenting your big day as it happens! You can definitely feel their emotions through pictures. You would want to look back on your big day and feel the exact same way in years to come.

從國際攝影大賽中獲獎的 Jamie 善於拍攝新人們與親朋好友的相聚時刻。他的出色作品猶如把婚禮的每一刻呈現在你的眼前!


Instagram: @jamieousbyphoto